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    OS_ChangeDynamicArea tweaks and fixes · c1a39dfd
    Jeffrey Lee authored
      s/ChangeDyn - A few fixes to make behaviour be a closer match for the pre-PMP code, and a bit of tidying to get rid of redundant code paths:
      - Remove shrinkable DA checks from AreaShrink - the source of the op is never the free pool, so TryToShrinkShrinkables wouldn't have done anything anyway
      - Fix ShrinkFreePoolToAppSpace to behave more like old OS_ChangeDynamicArea when it was asked to shrink the free pool - allow partial moves (if move amount too large to fit in app space), shrink shrinkables if free pool is unable to satisfy request, and call CheckAppSpace to make sure app space is OK with being changed
      - Remove redundant logic from AreaGrow for clamping grow size to free pool max size (if dest was free pool - dest will never be free pool with current implementation). "Dest is apl space, moving reduced amount" comment was also inaccurate.
      - Fix AreaGrow logic for taking memory from application space to only do so if the dest isn't application space (I can't see anything in the old implementation to protect against this - but, then again, the old implementation didn't seem to fully deal with grows of application space properly anyway, e.g. MemLimit would be updated on a free pool shrink, but not on an app space grow)
      - Add extra sanity check to AreaGrow after taking memory from application space
      Tested on iMx6
      Fixes issue with application space having little or no memory if not booting to desktop (due to free pool shrink performed by kernel failing due to shrink amount being larger than app space max size)
    Version 5.35, Tagged as 'Kernel-5_35-4_79_2_291'
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