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    Fix more issues caused by aborting MVA cache/TLB ops on ARMv7 · 9e6b9350
    Jeffrey Lee authored
      s/ARMops - Fixed an instance of 'invalidate branch predictor entry' that should have been 'invalidate all branch predictors'
      s/ChangeDyn - Avoid cleaning the Nowhere page when reallocating memory, to avoid incurring the performance hit of the abort handler, and to avoid AMBControl screwing things up by mapping in pages that we're trying to modify
      s/VMSAv6 - Move MVA cache/TLB abort handler to before ChocolateAMB code, to ensure AMBControl doesn't try mapping in pages for harmless cache/TLB op aborts. Also tweaked code to be a little bit faster.
      Tested on rev C2 beagleboard. No more lockups when moving screen memory around, for now at least.
    Version 5.35, Tagged as 'Kernel-5_35-4_79_2_98_2_30'
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