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    Misc memory management tweaks & fixes · 943c4964
    Jeffrey Lee authored
      s/ChangeDyn - Fix OS_DynamicArea 20 to work properly with sparse & PMP DAs. It now checks against the max extent of the area rather than the current size; this matches the logic used for checking fixed system workspace areas. The call only determines the ownership of a logical address, and it's considered the caller's responsibility to check if there's actually a page at the given address.
      s/ChangeDyn - Revise OS_DynamicArea 25 to remove the redundant 'PMP page flags' entry, and to allow pages to be looked up by either PMP page index, phys page number, or DA page index
      s/ChangeDyn - Tidy up InitDynamicAreas by adding the NextFreePage routine to help determine the next page to be added to the free pool.
      s/AMBControl/Workspace, s/AMBControl/main, s/AMBControl/memmap - Fix lazy mapping in of pages to use the correct L2PT flags for the default CB cache policy
      s/AMBControl/allocate - Get rid of magic constant when extracting page flags from DA flags, and make note of the fact that assorted bits of code ignore the flags
      s/AMBControl/growp, s/AMBControl/shrinkp - Reverse the page order when growing/shrinking areas, to match OS_ChangeDynamicArea. This helps both DAs and application space to have pages allocated to them in contiguous physical order - which in turn helps produce shorter, more optimal scatter lists for DMA
      Tested on Pandaboard
    Version 5.35, Tagged as 'Kernel-5_35-4_79_2_287'
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