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    Remove SysCommsModule pseudo-module · 9099b4b9
    Timothy E Baldwin authored
    Historically many commands of BBC Micro heritage were not included
    in UitilyModules, but were separated out into a separate pseudo-module,
    SysCommsModule, to allow for them to be terminated by any non-letter
    for compatibility with the BBC Micro.
    However with the introduction of `Oscli_HashedCommands` in August 1999
    (and earlier in Ursula branch) this was broken except for *FX, *KEY,
    *OPT and *TV, which are handled by a special case making SysCommsModule
    SysCommsModule is an obsitcle to making the kernel assemble to relocatable
    AOF as it requires Module_BaseAddr to have 2 different values and therefore
    be a absolute varaible instead of a section relative symbol.
    This commit does not change behaviour with `Oscli_HashedCommands` enabled
    which is the default, except for listing the command under UtilityModule
    in *Help output. Which `Oscli_HashedCommands` disable this change removes
    the special behaviour.
    Version 6.53. Tagged as 'Kernel-6_53'
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