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    [RISCOS_]AccessPhysicalAddress uses page flags · 7924aae2
    Jeffrey Lee authored
    Currently RISCOS_AccessPhysicalAddress allows the caller to specify the
    permissions/properties of the mapped memory by directly specifying some
    of the L1 page table entry flags. This will complicate things when
    adding support for more page table formats, so change it so that
    standard RISC OS page flags are used instead (like the alternate entry
    point, RISCOS_AccessPhysicalAddressUnchecked, already uses).
    Also, drop the "RISCOS_" prefix from RISCOS_AccessPhysicalAddress and
    RISCOS_ReleasePhysicalAddress, and remove the references to these
    routines from the HAL docs. These routines have never been exposed to
    the HAL, so renaming them and removing them from the docs should make
    their status clearer.
    Version 6.52. Tagged as 'Kernel-6_52'
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