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    Alterations to fix bugs introduced in V0.27 when the word-aligned buffer support was added. · e9486d1d
    Simon Forrest authored
      Added the missing "Buffer must be word aligned" error message to the
      German resources (although the sentence is in English).
      Non-internationalised version was missing the "Buffer must be word
      aligned" message; this has now been rectified.
      The buffer manager service routine "Return free space" (reason code
      number 7) was incorrectly calculating the free space.  Instead of
      using the size of the buffer and insertion point in the calculation
      it was using an uninitialised register and the reason code!  This
      was due to a change made in V0.27 to the stack environment which
      invalidated the usage of R0 and R1.  Registers R6 and R7 are now
      used in place of these.
      Tested by softloading on an NC1 using the baseline Lazarus OS image.
      Fixes verified as being correct.
    Version 0.29. Tagged as 'Buffers-0_29'
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