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    On Pi 4's with no VL805 firmware EEPROM, softload it · f84ef1c2
    Robert Sprowson authored
    Some Pi 4's - for example, the recently released 8GB variant - don't have the firmware EEPROM on the VL805 fitted. The VideoCore loads default firmware on power on in order to do USB booting, but when RISC OS takes over and does a PCI fundamental reset the VL805 ends up with no firmware running.
    Detect this (by peeking the firmware version) and use the NotifyXHCIReset mailbox message to cause the VideoCore to softload the firmware again. Earlier built PCBs *do* contain a firmware EEPROM and skip the mailbox message.
    By inspection with a prototype version in BASIC it appears the SCB access needs to be enabled for this to work, it previously wasn't, hence the extra PCI setup step.
    Also, reduce the PCI reset delay and rename PCIe_RGR1_SW_INIT1_POWERDOWN to more accurately reflect what it does.
    Version 0.89. Tagged as 'HAL_BCM2835-0_89'
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