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    Update of HAL to incorporate separate development of HAL by J Ballance · 71e5f9c7
    John Ballance authored
      Will now compile against initial developemnt start.elf, and against the
      start.elf in general release at this date. (compile switch UseALBlob in
      hdr.BCM2835). Extended header defs, Updated IRQ stuff, HAL_FramebufferAddress
      Reworked Timers, + a number of other bits. Still work in progress.
      (list files and functions that have changed)
      Compiled and working - as far as it goes -. Will enable use with the current
      start.elf, and is (subject to any minor changes introduced) ready for use with the
      version due for release shortly which will provide the correct transparency operation,
      and a better aligned frame buffer
    Version 0.02. Tagged as 'BCM2835-0_02'
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