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    Add support for Raspberry Pi Compute module and Raspberry Pi 2 · 60752490
    Ben Avison authored
      * Compute module support consists of eMMC support in the SDHCI driver. The
        eMMC chip on the Compute module only works reliably if under-clocked to
        25 MHz.
      * Pi 1 vs Pi 2 differences are selected at runtime by checking the CPU ID,
        so a single ROM image will work with both boards.
      * Added ARMv7 cache maintenance routine for use on Pi 2.
      * The physical address of the peripherals has moved in Pi 2 to make space
        for the 1 GB of RAM.
      * The ARM physical address space is mapped differently onto the GPU
        address space in Pi 2 because the ARM now uses the L2 cache that comes
        with the Cortex-A7 instead of the GPU's L2 cache.
      * Still waiting for confirmation on the board revision ID that will be
        used for Pi 2, so may require further tweaks for production releases.
    Version 0.40. Tagged as 'BCM2835-0_40'
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