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    Add support for the RAMFS dynamic area potentially being a PMP · bfddc33b
    Jeffrey Lee authored
      s/Defns - Add PMP switch to switch between PMP-compatible code and old code. Add BigDisc2 switch to enable my (non-functional) support for RAM discs > 512MB. Fix broken debug switches (Hdr:Proc already gets included somewhere), and add PMP debug switch.
      s/RamFS05 - Replace generic BlockMove function with BlockRead/BlockWrite functions which map in pages on demand, using a basic LRU cache to reduce page table thrashing.
      s/RamFS15 - Updated to use BlockRead/BlockWrite functions, and BigDisc2 support
      s/RamFS50 - BigDisc2 code. PMP-related initialisation.
      Tested on Pandaboard, with and without PMP dynamic area
      Note that due to nonfunctional support for RAM discs >512MB, the resize handler in the kernel currently places a 512MB limit on the DA.
    Version 2.31. Tagged as 'RAMFS-2_31'
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