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    Comment clarifications and tidy up · e8206b6d
    Robert Sprowson authored
    Lots of missing function entry/exit register comments added/corrected.
    Drive number extraction all now (32-3) to help see where changes are needed in future for more drives.
    Removed redundant Tools/basic/BASH (see Test/BASH).
    InitDieSvc/BigDirCode/DebugOpts/FileCore25: Comments
    FileCore05: Use of DREG with no preceding text
    FileCore15: Use of 'mess' with too few arguments
    FileCore20: Fetching of NZones made consistent, 3 bit drive number made consistent
    FileCore30/FileCore32: Simplify debug switches, driver number extraction, comments
    FileCore31: Fetching of NZones made consistent
    FileCore40/FileCore33/FileCore35: NZones, function arguments commented
    FileCore45: Function arguments commented, debug reinstated
    FileCore70/FileCore60: Function arguments commented, drive number extraction
    FormSWIs: NZones
    Identify/GenSWIs: Drive number extraction, debug tidy
    MyMacros: Unused Align16 removed. Hacked DebugError macro to not try loading from internal error numbers all the time, which are often not aligned, or not in sensible memory places
    Relatively few code changes, no expected issues.
    Version 3.55. Tagged as 'FileCore-3_55'
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