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    * Various 32-bit compatibility fixes. · ac186d66
    Kevin Bracey authored
    * Can use HAL for FIQ+timer manipulations.
    * FileCore_DiscOp64 added (as user API - currently just converted to the
      standard byte or sector DiscOp call to the underlying module). See
      Doc.32bitAPIs for full details.
    * New error-passing scheme to modules added (for full 32-bit addressing).
    * FileCore_Features added (indicates new error scheme).
    * OS_FSControl 49 (read 32-bit free space) now reports sensible clamped
      values for large discs, rather than values modulo 2^32.
    * Accessing the end of files near 2GB in size could cause lock-ups in
      background transfers.
    * F(+) and G(+) disc formats adjusted to have a little more skew to
      help the rather poor Iyonix floppy controller.
    Version 3.31. Tagged as 'FileCore-3_31'
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