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    Update to work with zero page relocation · 6589f4d7
    Jeffrey Lee authored
      s/ADFS, s/Adfs00, s/Adfs50 - Use OS_ReadSysInfo 6 to get ESC_Status location and store it in module workspace
      s/Adfs05 - Updated debug code to use OS_ReadSysInfo 6 to get IRQsema location. Updated CheckEscape to use local ESC_Status pointer, and updated it to only be compiled if it's actually needed
      s/Adfs10, s/Adfs14, s/Adfs15, s/Adfs17 - Use local ESC_Status pointer
      Tested (with low processor vectors) in Iyonix ROM softload
      Note that FIQ handlers haven't been updated to support high vectors, since they aren't currently used on any hardware capable of using high vectors
    Version 3.40. Tagged as 'ADFS-3_40'
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