Commit 9f37c9dd authored by Jeffrey Lee's avatar Jeffrey Lee
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Fix alpha sprite support

  s/Wimp01 - An ill-advised last minute edit would leave the Wimp in an infinite loop looking for ROM sprites if it tried to enable alpha sprite support
  Tested on BB-xM

Version 5.34. Retagged as 'Wimp-5_34'
parent 03e27cbe
......@@ -4236,7 +4236,7 @@ getromsprites
LDRNEB R0,alphaspriteflag
CMP R0,#255 ; If alpha sprites supported
CMPEQ R5,R6 ; And square pixel mode
MOVEQ R5,#'A' ; Look for alpha version
MOVEQ R5,#'A'-'0' ; Look for alpha version
ADD R14,R5,R6,LSL #8
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