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    Bugfixes. · d8fd0994
    Ben Avison authored
      * All tasks have erroneously been flagged as receiving all messages since
        version 4.78. Correct behaviour is now restored, and the previous
        fix (to ignore Wimp_AddMessages calls for tasks that already wanted
        all messages) should be unaffected.
      * Check for "P"-validation icon creation under the pointer was broken
        in three ways, now works.
      * The optimisation of multiple Message_SlotSize calls is overenthusiastic,
        and can lead to some messages being lost if the slot size is changed
        (including as a side-effect of OS_ChangeDynamicArea) during
        high-priority pollword-nonzero handlers or message handlers for
        Message_SlotSize - in both situations, a message block that may have
        already been delivered to some tasks is still present at the head of
        the message list. Now, the optimisation always ignores the message at
        the head of the message list.
      Tested on Tungsten.
    Version 4.86. Tagged as 'Wimp-4_86'
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