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    Given a good thrashing. · c8e139f1
    Ben Avison authored
      All pointers passed to the Wimp (mode selectors, menus, sprite areas,
      palettes, pollwords, validation strings, message lists, routines etc etc)
      in any of its APIs can now be anywhere within the 32-bit address range.
      In general, whenever "<= 0" was accepted as a null condition, the value
      must now be either 0 or -1. It should also be tolerant of system memory
      areas (supervisor stack and RMA) being in the top half of memory.
      * Default next slot now a build option - Ursula builds (eg Tungsten) use
        1024K instead of 640K
      * Ursula builds no longer have a build variant in the help string
      * Autosenses ROM location
      * CR-LFs in *Configure messages replaced with LF-CRs
      * Added Iyonix resources (currently based on Morris4)
      * Morris4 sprites files have gained file_lxa, small_lxa, file_unf,
        small_unf and lo!help sprites
      * Ursula sprites files have gained lo!help sprites
      * *WimpSlot can take memory sizes in megabytes or gigabytes
      Tested on a "traditional" memory-mapped Tungsten.
    Version 4.76. Tagged as 'Wimp-4_76'
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