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    Make the Wimp automatically switch VFP contexts · b68b72d7
    Jeffrey Lee authored
      s/Wimp, s/Wimp01, s/Wimp02, s/Wimp03, s/Wimp07 - The Wimp now uses the VFPSupport module to switch VFP contexts when performing task switches.
      Each task begins with the null context active (i.e. no VFP/NEON access). When paging out a task the ID of the active context is saved in the Wimp's per-task workspace. This context is then restored when the task is about to be resumed.
      Context save/restore is performed while the right task's memory is paged in, so it's safe to use with contexts located in application space.
      Tested with Iyonix & Beagle ROM builds.
    Version 5.09. Tagged as 'Wimp-5_09'
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