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    Clipboard caret/task fixes · 9cc627ac
    ROOL authored
      In CnPCaret.s
        * Clear any invalid window handles currently stored in caret blocks on Wimp_SetCaretPosition entry
        * Clear R2 on exit if R0=-1,R2=TASK on entry to Wimp_SetCaretPosition
        * If window is not open or able to receive a focus, then return WimpFocus error rather than causing an alignment exception
      In CBTask.s
        A drag to writeable with invalid (eg.rejection due to validation string mismatch or overlong insert) caused ghost caret to be left behind and still deletes the source text.
        * Changed LDR R2,=cbtask_TASK to LDR r2,cbtask3_TASK
        * Ensure cbtask_insert_text_into_icon returns V set on error
        Drag and drop text from icon to non-d&d application, the last message was erroneously sent as DataSaveAck, not Dataload
      Submission for Clipboard Support bounty.
    Version 5.66. Tagged as 'Wimp-5_66'
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