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    Commit of my Wimp changes that have trickled in over the last four months. · 69d67881
    Ben Avison authored
      * The pointer passed to Wimp_CommandWindow can now be top-bit-set.
      * Bugfix to Wimp_CommandWindow: if the current task was uninitialised,
        or initialised as a non-multitasking task, then although entering the
        CommandWindow would restore escape condition generation to the way it
        was before entering the desktop, exiting the CommandWindow did not
        reset escape condition generation to the default desktop state (which is
        for escape condition generation to be disabled).
      * Escape condition generation is disabled for the duration of SWI
        Wimp_ReportError (instead of setting the default escape key for the
        duration). The previous state is restored on exit.
      * Added a minimal environment for the service call
        Service_ErrorButtonPressed, so that claimants can call OS_Exit without
        leaving the global Wimp error box in an undefined state.
      * In the Wimp_Poll loop, if there are no events to deliver to any tasks
        (not even null events), then rather than sitting in a SVC mode loop,
        the Wimp now triggers transient callbacks. This is particularly
        important in order not to halt all activity in the Internet stack.
        The option LeaveOS can be set to make the Wimp use the as-yet
        unimplemented SWI OS_LeaveOS for this purpose; this is currently unset
        for all builds.
      * By (persistent) request, reinstated the old iconbar popping code,
        though it is currently a build switch that is turned off for all builds.
      Tested on a Risc PC.
    Version 4.69. Tagged as 'Wimp-4_69'
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