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    Protect memory above MemoryLimit being nuked when starting a task · 6911d7cc
    Jeffrey Lee authored
      s/Wimp08s - Improve testapplication to detect situations where data is being stored above MemoryLimit, e.g. if a C app uses system() to issue *WimpTask
      Usually the CAO check will detect this kind of situation, except for the case where a single-tasking app issues *WimpTask - in which case the CAO will get reset to the Wimp module due to ModHandReason_Enter being used to get into USR mode so a temp parent task can be created
      Wimp_SlotSize checks MemoryLimit against ApplicationSpaceSize before allowing the wimpslot to be resized, so it seems to be a bit of an oversight that the task startup code wasn't doing the same
      Tested on BB-xM
      Fixes ticket #279:
    Version 5.39. Tagged as 'Wimp-5_39'
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