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    Recache currentmode at the right time · 121acd27
    ROOL authored
      Modification to make the Wimp reread 'currentmode' by calling OS_ReadSysInfo 1 in the following circumstances
      1. On module init (accounts for being softloaded off disc)
      2. At Service_Reset (accounts for any graphics driver starting after it in ROM module order)
      3. When Service_ModeFileChange (new, this catches the new mode selected by an MDF or EDID during !Boot)
      Commoned up these 3 cases into 1 function.
      This restores the design intent that to get the monitor's native resolution it is *not* required to configure the MonitorType=EDID, indeed doing so wouldn't have helped loading EDID off disc if the monitor's data is found to be incorrect and needing overriding.
      Tested on a Pandaboard with MonitorType=Auto and resolution chosen as "Native", resulting in a desktop at the panel resolution.
    Version 5.57. Tagged as 'Wimp-5_57'
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