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    Support links for extension-less files in subdirectories · 9b0aed8c
    Ben Avison authored
    This only applies to cross-compilation builds. The `make links` rules don't
    know a pre-determined list of subdirectories that need to be converted into
    filename extensions. Instead, files that should have no filename extension
    are usually simply identified by the absence of a `/` in their specification
    in `SOURCES_TO_SYMLINK`. However, this is insufficient to handle some rarer
    cases, such as a `Makefile` within a `Test` subdirectory.
    To handle this, we introduce explicit support for specifying such files in
    `SOURCES_TO_SYMLINK`, using a double slash where there would otherwise be a
    filetype subdirectory name, such as `Test//Makefile`. (Conveniently, this is
    also valid Posix filename syntax anyway.) The way this is achieved is to
    tweak the regular expressions to require the directory and leafnames between
    slashes to be at least one character long.
    Version 7.58. Tagged as 'BuildSys-7_58'
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