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AcornHTTP is designed very flexibel but it is limited to the classical
HTTP Methods.
During the time a couple of other HTTP methods have been defined for various
purposes e.g. for WebDAV, CalDAV etc. which are more or minor popular.
It is a pitty that AcornHTTP can't be used to handle them so I analyzed
the code and found that it can be extended quite simply.
I expanded AcornHTTP as follows to cope with additional HTTP methods.
a file called
can be given which content if present will be loaded during the
initialization of AcornHTTP into an array of 256 entries.
It consists of lines of the following format
Flags are defined as follows
0-1 - Type
0 - Caller must setup everything
1 - Behave like PUT/POST
2 - Behave like GET
3 - Unused
2-31 reserved
MethodNumber is the number of the method passed to URL_GetURL.
Acorn has defined that number 128-255 can be used by the user for its own
During start of an URL fetch. Acorn HTTP tries to look up the text used
at beginning of the first line of the URL. This was hardcoded. If no
translation is found launching of the URL will fail. I added a look up
into the array here. If there is an entry inside the array for the method
the text given inside UsrMthds as "Method" will be used to launch the URL.
Additionally flags can be defined. The only usage in the moment is to emulate
internal AcornHTTP header behaviour of PUT/POST or GET for the additional
May 2021
Thomas Milius
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