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    Fix ordering issue on init and text clipping · e91f74f8
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      When AcornHTTP starts it tries to register itself with URL, which triggers a service call (for HTTP arriving) which in turn triggers AcornSSL to (re)report it is loaded. However, if AcornSSL is loaded *before* HTTP then the service call is missed because HTTP's service call handler isn't yet linked into the service call chain.
      Fix this by looking for a telltale SWI in security_init().
      Reported by Matthew Phillips when trying to load URL/HTTP on a system on which AcornSSL had been loaded beforehand.
      Also clip the text shown by *URLProtoShow to end at the closing bracket of the date (more recent AcornSSL modules add the version of mbedTLS to which they were linked, which spilled over the column end).
    Version 1.01. Tagged as 'HTTP-1_01'
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