1. 26 Jul, 1999 1 commit
  2. 23 Jun, 1999 1 commit
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      Added new "Timeout" sprites to the Japan Wimp sprite pool. Note that these... · 94e3e1b2
      Simon Forrest authored
      Added new "Timeout" sprites to the Japan Wimp sprite pool.  Note that these are named "TimeoutG" (for generic timeout) because they do not include modem- or Ethernet-build specific sub-text; this also allows the modem variant to remain unaltered because this uses the original sprites.
      Version number NOT incremented.
      Version 4.20. Not tagged
  3. 26 May, 1999 1 commit
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  8. 17 Mar, 1999 1 commit
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      Changes to STB options file: · 0d713778
      Ben Avison authored
      * removed obsolete PreservePointerOnError option
      * turned off development option CnP
      Version 4.16. Tagged as 'Wimp-4_16'
  9. 25 Feb, 1999 1 commit
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  13. 09 Dec, 1998 1 commit
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      Bugfix: if a >=256-colour sprite icon is plotted, and then a shaded and/or... · b2c3268d
      Ben Avison authored
      Bugfix: if a >=256-colour sprite icon is plotted, and then a shaded and/or selected text-plus-sprite icon is plotted, where the sprite in the latter icon is unspecified (no validation string, or no 'S' command), then a SpriteOp call from within ColourTrans data aborts. This caused aborts when certain rectangles of the ImageFS options window were redrawn.
      Version 4.13. Not tagged
  14. 27 Nov, 1998 1 commit
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      Another bugfix to and a new feature of NC error box code: · 11eaef5f
      Ben Avison authored
      * If pointer was hidden-until-next-mouse-move, the act of confining the mouse
        to the error box window no longer causes it to be redisplayed.
      * In error boxes, the pointer and the IconHigh highlight are now initially
        positioned over the rightmost (default) button. There is one exception to
        this rule: when "Next task" is clicked in a Watchdog window, the pointer
        stays over the "Next task" button.
      Version 4.13. Tagged as 'Wimp-4_13'
  15. 26 Nov, 1998 1 commit
  16. 09 Nov, 1998 1 commit
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      Optimisation to new WimpSymbol substitution code: in icons containing fonts... · af05965b
      Ben Avison authored
      Optimisation to new WimpSymbol substitution code: in icons containing fonts other than the desktop font, the substitution table is only calculated when a symbol character is encountered.
      Embryonic cut-n-paste support introduced (currently in desktop builds only):
        * workspace is allocated and initialised;
        * extended Wimp_GetCaretPosition implemented;
        * pushfontstring adapted to allow insertion of arbitrary control sequences in
          font strings (to allow selected text to be plotted in inverted colours).
      Inverted, unfilled text icons now work properly again in <256-colour modes.
      Reworked NC error box code: see Doc.IconHigh.
      Version 4.11. Tagged as 'Wimp-4_11'
  17. 29 Oct, 1998 1 commit
    • Ben Avison's avatar
      my_StringBBox rewritten - effects are: · f33646b8
      Ben Avison authored
      * Deprecated Font SWIs no longer used
      * Height of UTF-8 strings now calculated correctly
      * Fancy fonts in icons are now aligned the same as outline desktop-font icons
      * Text rubout boxes for icons with text above the sprite are correctly sized
      Lazy WimpSymbol subsitution implemented: characters are only substituted if
      they are not already present in the font. For the first time, substitution
      now works in UTF-8 text - but for the proper Unicode positions of the
      relevant symbols, instead of usurping undefined positions (as in other
      Version 4.10. Tagged as 'Wimp-4_10'
  18. 23 Oct, 1998 1 commit
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      Adapted assembly process so that the choice of Options file (previously based... · 26369fa5
      Ben Avison authored
      Adapted assembly process so that the choice of Options file (previously based purely on the "System" variable) can be overridden by passing "OPTIONS=foo" as an argument to either MkRom, or to amu/amu_machine directly, or indirectly, by specifying it in the components file for a build. To accomplish this, it was necessary to switch from using aasm to objasm - hence the large number of source files affected in this commit.
      Version 4.09. Tagged as 'Wimp-4_09'
  19. 22 Oct, 1998 1 commit
  20. 21 Oct, 1998 1 commit
    • Ben Avison's avatar
      Service_SwitchingOutputToSprite code optimised: graphics parameters are now... · 11711a72
      Ben Avison authored
      Service_SwitchingOutputToSprite code optimised: graphics parameters are now only cached when making the first Wimp_PlotIcon call while output is switched to a sprite, and upon return to screen output after such an occurrence.
      All error box templates featuring "border" icons updated to have button type
      0 (never). This prevents IconHigh from mistakenly allowing them to be selected.
      Version 4.07. Tagged as 'Wimp-4_07'
  21. 20 Oct, 1998 1 commit
    • Ben Avison's avatar
      UTF-8 support from previous version switched in; additional alphabet-... · 2c759475
      Ben Avison authored
      UTF-8 support from previous version switched in; additional alphabet- conditional support added as follows:
      * Correctly converts character index returned from Font_FindCaret into byte
        index into raw string.
      * Left-arrow, right-arrow, delete-left and delete-right now act as far as
        the next character boundary, instead of to the next byte.
      * Menu item text justification works again (it relies on overwriting spaces
        with hard space characters, which are two-byte characters in UTF-8).
      * General key handling code has been rewritten. The Wimp now has three
        internal key input buffers - one each for taking keyboard-generated,
        task-generated, and function-key-generated strings. Each input buffer is
        processed in chunks of one character, rather than one byte; malformed
        UTF-8 characters are rejected, so tasks don't have to worry about them
        (simplifying their character-handling code). There is also a key output
        buffer, to ensure that (UTF-8) sequences of Key_Pressed events are not
        broken up.
      * As a result of the above, multiple calls to Wimp_ProcessKey are now
        possible between calls to Wimp_Poll. Previously, this resulted in bytes
        getting jumbled up - making it useless for input of UTF-8 characters.
      * Multi-byte characters are inserted into writeable icons in one go, so you
        don't see a brief flicker of the "malformed character" symbol while the
        initial bytes are being inserted.
      * Multi-byte characters that don't entirely fit in a writeable icon buffer
        are not inserted at all.
      * A new validation string command ("U") can limit the contents of a
        writeable by number of characters, instead of bytes. This will hide the
        character sizes from the user interface.
      * Allowable characters (validation string command "A") now works on Unicode
        characters and character ranges.
      * Various other minor bugs are fixed (Wimp_ProcessKey 13 can activate a
        writeable menu item, Shift-arrow keys are always consistent in firing off
        Key_Pressed events, etc.)
      * Password icons supported: one symbol is displayed for each character
        (instead of for each byte); the display character (validation string
        command "D") can be any UTF-8 character; correctly displays the caret
        after set-caret-by-index calls, even though characters in the processed
        string are different width to those in the raw string, in password icons.
      Other changes:
      * The border around NC-style error boxes is resized when the error window
        is grown or shrunk.
      * Messages, CmdHelp and Template files made consistent across resource
        directories, including support for all Ursula features.
      * ShrinkableAreas turned back on in System=RCA builds.
      * User interface features of desktop OS builds standardised.
      Version 4.06. Tagged as 'Wimp-4_06'
  22. 12 Oct, 1998 2 commits
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  26. 30 Sep, 1998 2 commits