Commit 1f206e86 authored by Robert Sprowson's avatar Robert Sprowson
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Don't try freeing the tool pixel trans table twice

In deallocptrs a call to freetoolarea is made, then much the same code repeated inline.
Excess code deleted.

Tagged as Wimp-5_30-pre2
parent 752b3a8b
......@@ -4596,10 +4596,6 @@ deallocateptrs ROUT
LDR R2,pixtable_at
CMP R2,#0
BLNE XROS_Module ; release the pixtrans table (ignore errors)
LDR R2,tpixtable_at
CMP R2,#0
BLNE XROS_Module ; release the tools pixtrans table (ignore errors)
LDR R2,fileaddress
CMP R2,#0
......@@ -4607,8 +4603,6 @@ deallocateptrs ROUT
STR R1,pixtable_at
STR R1,pixtable_size
STR R1,tpixtable_at
STR R1,tpixtable_size
STR R1,filehandle
STR R1,fileaddress ; tag as free'd
......@@ -6694,9 +6694,11 @@ SWIWimp_SetColourMapping
MOV R2,#0
STR R2,tpixtable_at ; mark the tool pixtable as being zapped!
STR R2,tool_transtable
MOV R2,#-1 ; and the tool PixTrans mode
STR R2,tsprite_lastmode
STRB R2,tsprite_needsregen ; re-calcuate border based information
LDR R2,log2bpp ; is it <8BPP?
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