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    Shock horror - a new feature for the Wimp! And some housekeeping too. · d7d18819
    Ben Avison authored
      * Added new functionality for menu trees: submenus can now be opened by
        clicking on their parent menu item. This is particularly aimed at
        touchscreen devices, and is configurable via the new *Configure keyword
      * Change to the menu inactivity timeout behaviour after auto-opening of
        submenus (either by hovering over the parent menu item or by the new
        click-to-open functionality): although all hover operations are still
        ignored for this period, any click operations *will* now be obeyed.
      * Corrected numerous misleading comments in the menu handling code.
      * Added some suspiciously absent ALIGNs in the *Configure keyword handlers.
      * Uses new ASCII case-forcing macros so there are now fewer warnings
        printed during assembly (and it should run faster now too).
      * Added an AREA directive so that objasm's -ABS switch is no longer needed.
      * Standardised ErrMem token across all Messages files that use English.
      Tested on a desktop machine.
      Requires HdrSrc 1.06.
    Version 4.57. Tagged as 'Wimp-4_57'
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