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    Memory-related stuff. · d085c3c9
    Ben Avison authored
      * Default UpCall handler is installed when an application is paged out,
        so there is no danger of it being called by naughty people issuing
        UpCalls in the background.
      * AMBControl builds now sit on Service_MemoryMoved so that they can issue
        Message_SlotSize when the kernel has resized the application slot
        independently (eg because the memory was needed to grow a dynamic area,
        and nobody objected via Service_Memory or UpCall_MovingMemory).
      * Medusa-onwards builds no longer request Service_ValidateAddress, because
        we're not managing the free pool any more, and the code that was here
        only called an ineffectual SWI!
      * SafeChangeDynamic wasn't setting the CAO high enough to be free of big
        application slots; now it points it at itself.
      * The free pool wasn't being shrunk/grown enough on initfirsttask /
        closelast. It still can't do by more than 1GB without stiffing - bug in
      * Bugs in top-bit-safe changes fixed: dragbox resizing was broken, Escape
        state wasn't being restored for new tasks.
      Tested on high-ROM/stack, 48M-appslot Tungsten.
    Version 4.77. Tagged as 'Wimp-4_77'
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