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    Change to behaviour of writeable menu items. · 80663f3f
    Ben Avison authored
      As soon as a menu or submenu that contains a writeable menu item is opened,
      the caret is placed in the (first) writeable menu item. Furthermore, you
      can highlight any other menu item in such a menu without losing the input
      focus from the writeable menu item.
      The initial reason for this change was to allow the use of writeable menu
      items on a touchscreen device, since they have no way for you to move the
      pointer over the writeable menu item without selecting it. But, on the
      basis that this change is actually useful for mouse users, and that it makes
      the behaviour of such submenus more consistent with dialogue boxes, it has
      been made unconditional.
      Tested in a desktop build.
    Version 4.58. Tagged as 'Wimp-4_58'
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