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    Rendering problems with Lazarus title bars and error box buttons fixed. · 72ca8dd8
    Ben Avison authored
      Title bars: one of the Ursula redraw optimisations was that if the title
      bar sprites had no mask, then the title bar is no longer filled in before the
      sprites are plotted. Lazarus' toolsprites were falling foul of this, because
      the title bar top and bottom sprites (tbarmidt/tbarmidb) had a lesser height
      than the end sprites (tbarlcap/tbarrcap). Because pre-Ursula Wimps filled
      in the title bar regardless, this may not have shown up in the past. The Wimp
      now has an additional check: if there is a gap between the title bar sprites,
      then it always fills in the title bar background before plotting the sprites.
      Error box buttons: the "illuminated" side of the 3D plinths have always been
      white, so they were getting lost against the white Lazarus UI background.
      Used Ursula Wimp icon colour validation string extension to colour the
      borders a uniform grey.
      Tested on a desktop machine, soft-loading the Lazarus Wimp resources.
      Fixes faults 1115 and 1121.
    Version 4.35. Tagged as 'Wimp-4_35'
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