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    Merged in RISC OS 4.02 changes (including ROM patches). Also som bugfixes. · 3b1e336c
    Ben Avison authored
      RISC OS 4 changes:
      * Font blending for desktop font (based on NC code, but now configurable)
      * 3-D window/menu/iconbar borders
      * Textured menu backgrounds
      * Loss of rubout box in unfilled text+sprite icons
      * *WimpVisualFlags controls various aspects of cosmetic changes above
      * Iconise button "slot" glyph slightly shorter (but only adopted in the RO400
        Resource directory)
      * Command window has front-window flag set
      * Byte at +39 of the window block has gained two new flag bits:
          bit 2 set => this window must never be given a 3D border
          bit 3 set => this window must always be given a 3D border
          (note that ResEd erroneously created windows with both bits set,
          this case is treated as though both bits were clear)
      * Another two colour specifiers on the end of C validation string command
        for icons controls the foreground and background colours to be used when
        the icon is selected
      * Pointer shape is correctly reprogrammed by the creation of icon
        underneath it
      * Full stops in writable icons are treated the same as spaces from the
        point of view of cursor navigation
      * spritesize routine returns a size of 0 if the sprite didn't exist
        (probably fixes some rendering problems)
      * Adjust-click on back icon brings window to front
      My changes:
      * DeleteRight turned on
      * Icon bar title background is set to default in all resource sets (avoids
        translation table recalc)
      * Error box title now cream across all resource sets
      * RISC OS 4 changes made 32-bit compatible / high addresses safe
      * Undocumented FullIconClipping option disabled
      * Command help made consistent for internationalised and non-
        internationalised builds
      * WimpVisualFlags defaults made sensible
      * Menu side width affected by ThreeD option at *run* time not assemble time
      * Right-clicking on menus with writable items no longer data aborts
      * Auto-opened menus are now at RHS of current icon (matches RISC OS 3.1)
      * Colour menus were knackered unless menu tiling was enabled
      * Fixed a bug whereby adding messages to a task that wanted all messages
        actually caused it to lose all other messages. The RISC OS 4 fix for
        this didn't work
      * Fixed bug introduced in version 4.76: tasks that wanted no messages got
        all of them
      * Autoscrolling is updated every 8 cs rather than every 12 cs
      * Added menu texture to pre-RISC OS 4 sprites files
      Tested on Tungsten.
    Version 4.78. Tagged as 'Wimp-4_78'
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