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    Fixed a number of long-standing but low priority bugs in the Wimp. · 223e02a8
    Ben Avison authored
      * Any top-bit-set sprite area pointer in a window definition was treated
        as a null pointer, and any top-bit-set program name pointer in
        Wimp_ReportError was similarly treated as a null pointer.
      * For 24-bit window colour builds, when the Wimp drew a title bar with
        the input focus, and there were sprite icons in the previously redrawn
        window, and the most recently plotted icon sprite was unpaletted and not
        selected or inverted, then the translation table for the icon sprite (in
        the RMA) would leak. I suppose that's what I get for re-using a bit of
        dead code without fully working out why it was bypassed in the first
      * The key handling code used to be over-eager to read bytes from the
        keyboard buffer: it would attempt to read up to 6 bytes ahead to ease
        the recognition of UTF-8 character sequences. This could cause problems,
        in particular if F12 was one of those 6 bytes, then any following bytes
        would be queued for use as Wimp keypresses, rather than being left in
        the keyboard buffer for use by ShellCLI. The Wimp now analyses the first
        byte read to make a sensible estimate of how many bytes it needs to read
      * Select-dragging (including Select-resizing) of windows with panes used
        to soak up all the processor time. This was because when the task
        received an Open_Window_Request, it would re-open the pane in front of
        the main window, but this would cause the Wimp to believe that it had to
        re-open the main window at the front of the stack again when Wimp_Poll
        was next called. The problem has been fixed so that the Wimp now
        examines all the windows in front of the drag window to see if they have
        the pane window flag bit set, and doesn't reshuffle the windows if they
        all do. (Actually, the test is performed such that foreground windows
        in front of the drag window are also ignored.)
      Tested on a desktop machine.
    Version 4.65. Tagged as 'Wimp-4_65'
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