Commit ba7954e8 authored by Timothy E Baldwin's avatar Timothy E Baldwin

Build in install_rom phase.

Add dependency so that module can be built in install_rom phase.
This makes partial rebuilding faster by allowing the rom phase
to be skipped.

parent e137ee5d
......@@ -200,7 +200,7 @@ ${ROM_MODULE}: oz.ModuleWrap ${OBJSZ} ${ROMSTUBS}
${LD} -o $@ -aof oz.ModuleWrap ${OBJSZ} ${ROMSTUBS}
# final link for ROM Image (using given base address)
rom_link: ${ROM_MODULE}
${LD} -o linked.${COMPONENT} -rmf -base ${ADDRESS} ${ROM_MODULE} ${ABSSYM} \
-map > map.${COMPONENT}
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