Commit feb63e50 authored by Neil Turton's avatar Neil Turton
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Version Spin_merge taken

parent c0d1d522
......@@ -19,11 +19,11 @@ WIPE = -wipe
WFLAGS = ~c~v
# Toolflags:
CCflags = -c -depend !Depend -Itbox:,C: -zM -ffah -zps1 -DROM
C++flags = -c -depend !Depend -IC:
Pascalflags = -c -depend !Depend -IP:
CCflags = -c -depend !Depend -Itbox:,C: -throwback -zM -ffah -zps1 -DROM
C++flags = -c -depend !Depend -throwback -IC:
Pascalflags = -c -depend !Depend -throwback -IP:
Linkflags = -c++ -o $@
ObjAsmflags = -depend !Depend -Stamp -quit -CloseExec
ObjAsmflags = -depend !Depend -ThrowBack -Stamp -quit -CloseExec
CMHGflags =
LibFileflags = -c -o $@
Squeezeflags = -o $@
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