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# Project: tboxlib
RM = remove
WIPE = -wipe
WFLAGS = ~c~v
# Toolflags:
CCflags = -c -depend !Depend -Itbox:,C: -throwback -zM -ffah -zps1 -DROM
C++flags = -c -depend !Depend -throwback -IC:
Pascalflags = -c -depend !Depend -throwback -IP:
Linkflags = -c++ -o $@
ObjAsmflags = -depend !Depend -ThrowBack -Stamp -quit -CloseExec
CMHGflags =
LibFileflags = -c -o $@
Squeezeflags = -o $@
AAsmflags = -depend !Depend -quit -CloseExec -To $@ -From
# Final targets:
tboxlib: o.mem o.messages o.string32 o.rmensure o.objsupport \
libfile $(libfileflags) o.mem o.messages o.string32 o.rmensure o.objsupport \
rom: tboxlib
@echo all done
install_rom: tboxlib
@echo all done
${WIPE} o.* ${WFLAGS}
${RM} tboxlib
@echo cleaned
# User-editable dependencies:
# Static dependencies:
o.mem: c.mem
cc $(ccflags) -o o.mem c.mem
o.messages: c.messages
cc $(ccflags) -o o.messages c.messages
o.string32: c.string32
cc $(ccflags) -o o.string32 c.string32
o.rmensure: c.rmensure
cc $(ccflags) -o o.rmensure c.rmensure
o.objsupport: c.objsupport
cc $(ccflags) -o o.objsupport c.objsupport
o.slist: c.slist
cc $(ccflags) -o o.slist c.slist
# Dynamic dependencies:
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