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    Updated common Toolbox Makefile fragment. · e2e60512
    Stewart Brodie authored
      Extra shared facilities for object modules.
      Debug support improved.
      New common operations for Toolbox object modules have been abstracted
        into this component in order to simplify the object modules.
      Debugging services made common to all modules and now uses DebugLib.
      Common Makefile fragment now exported with correct rules for ROM builds
        as well as RAM builds, and (new in this version), DebugLib RAM builds.
        As a result, all object modules now have debug versions available.
      Requires BuildSys 1.92 or later (RiscOS/BuildSys; tag BuildSys-1_92)
      Requires Library 0.41 or later (RiscOS/Library; tag Library-0_41)
      Required by any Toolbox object module dated 4th May 2000 or later.
    Version 0.09. Tagged as 'Common-0_09'
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