Commit a4ab6171 authored by Jeffrey Lee's avatar Jeffrey Lee Committed by ROOL
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PMP LogOp_MapOut fixes

* Fix caching of page table entry flags (was never updating R9, so the
flags would be recalculated for every page)
* Fix use of flag in bottom bit of R6; if the flag was set, the
early-exit case for having made all the cacheable pages uncacheable will
never be hit, forcing it to loop through the full page list instead
parent aae64cb2
......@@ -3327,7 +3327,7 @@ LogOp_MapOut ROUT
MOV r6, r0, LSL #12
ARMop Cache_RangeThreshold,,,r12
CMP r6, r0
ORRLS r6, r6, #1
SUBLS r6, r6, #1
MOV r7, r3
LDR r12, [r12, #CamEntriesPointer]
......@@ -3335,11 +3335,11 @@ LogOp_MapOut ROUT
LDR r10, =L2PT
MOV r9, #-1
LDR r2, [r7], #4
LDR r11, [r7], #4
[ PMPDebug
DebugReg r2, "Uncache page "
DebugReg r11, "Uncache page "
ADD r11, r12, r2, LSL #CAM_EntrySizeLog2
ADD r11, r12, r11, LSL #CAM_EntrySizeLog2
ASSERT CAM_PageFlags=4
LDMIA r11, {r11, lr}
......@@ -3351,6 +3351,7 @@ LogOp_MapOut ROUT
CMP r9, lr
LDR r1, =ZeroPage
MOV r9, lr
LDR r1, [r1, #MMU_PCBTrans]
GetTempUncache r2, lr, r1, r4
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