Commit 18dc64d9 authored by Mike Stephens's avatar Mike Stephens
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fix for sparse map out


  not tested
parent 1e16da0c
......@@ -458,7 +458,6 @@ AMB_SetMemMapEntries_SparseMapOut ROUT
MOV r10,r4 ;ptr to page list
MOV r7,#0
LDR r7,[r7,#CamEntriesPointer] ;r7 -> CAM
LDR lr,=L2PT ;lr -> L2PT
MOV r9,#AP_Duff ;permissions for DuffEntry
LDR r1,=DuffEntry ;means Nowhere, in CAM
MOV r4,#ApplicationStart ;log. address of first page
......@@ -472,9 +471,7 @@ AMB_SetMemMapEntries_SparseMapOut ROUT
MOVLO r6,#0 ;r6 := 0 if we are to do coherency as we go
BLO %FT10 ;let's do it
Push "lr" ;global coherency
ARMop MMU_Changing,,,r2
Pull "lr"
ARMop MMU_Changing,,,r2 ;global coherency
B %FT10
;skip next 32 pages then continue
......@@ -493,14 +490,13 @@ AMB_SetMemMapEntries_SparseMapOut ROUT
TEQ r6, #0
BNE %FT14 ;check for coherency as we go
Push "lr"
MOV r0,r4 ;address of page
ARMop MMU_ChangingEntry,,,r2
Pull "lr"
LDR r0,[r10] ;page no.
ADD r0,r7,r0,LSL #3 ;r0 -> CAM entry for page
STMIA r0,{r1,r9} ;CAM entry for page set to DuffEntry,AP_Duff
LDR lr,=L2PT ;lr -> L2PT
STR r2,[lr,r4,LSR #(Log2PageSize-2)] ;L2PT entry for page set to 0 (means translation fault)
SUBS r3,r3,#1
STREQ r2,[r5,#-4] ;make sure we clear last word of bitmap, and...
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