Commit 071a9656 authored by Jeffrey Lee's avatar Jeffrey Lee Committed by ROOL
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Fix heap testbed

Kernel-5_44 tweaked the heap manager to try and avoid creating small
free blocks. Adjust HeapTest's block size checks so that it allows for
this behaviour.

Tested briefly
parent e9ce9bb1
......@@ -421,7 +421,7 @@ int main(int argc,char **argv)
blocks[temp] = r.r[2]-((uint32_t)heap);
if((blocksize(blocks[temp])-(temp3+temp2)) > 7)
if((blocksize(blocks[temp])-(temp3+temp2)) > 11)
fprintf(stderr,"Failed to resize block by required amount: block %08x by %08x\n",blocks[temp],(int) temp2);
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