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    Fix initial OS_ResyncTime to occur before Service_PostInit · a5c907f8
    Jeffrey Lee authored
      s/NewReset - In Kernel-5_89, the initial OS_ResyncTime call was erroneously moved to after Service_PostInit, which had the side-effect of causing TerritoryManager's initial evaluation of AutoDST rules to be performed using an uninitialised RTC, with varying side effects depending on the user's timezone (e.g. UK stuck in DST all year round due to lack of BST in 1970). Move the call back to its original location so that TerritoryManager and any other PostInit claimants can see the correct time.
      Tested in Iyonix ROM
      Resolves ticket #441
    Version 5.91. Tagged as 'Kernel-5_91'
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