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    Added new debug flag DebugROMPostInit · 7b449b13
    David Cotton authored
    	It is often the case that modules fail on receipt of a PostInit
    cervice call. The Kernel already has an option to display debugging on module
    initialisation (DebugROMInit), but this does not help if a module crashes
    during the PostInit stage.
    	To aid debugging of the PostInit stage of module initialisation, a
    new flag (DebugROMPostInit) has been added to the vanilla service call
    handler. This flag displays the name of each module that the PostInit is
    being dispatched to, and then displays whether control has passed back to the
    kernel. Hence crashes of a module during PostInit can be detected.
    	Note that this debug option only works in the vanilla service call
    handler. If your build uses the chocolate handler and you wish to debug
    PostInit of modules, then set it temporarilly to use vanilla handlers.
    	Tested in Lazarus builds both with and without the option switched.
    Version 5.26. Not tagged
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