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    Extend MonitorType configure keyword · 4d017eb3
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      Accept a monitortype of 'EDID' (as distinct from 'Auto', which uses the ID pins) to force the kernel, via ScrModes, to use the native screen mode prior to executing the boot sequence.
      Required for discless boot, this also helps if the boot sequence fails, the desktop will be entered in the monitor's native resolution, or a fallback if GraphicsV rejects that.
      The allocation of the EDID monitor type has been carefully selected to degrade to 'Auto' when used with an older OS. That way the configuration in CMOS is safe to use with softloads on top of older physical ROMs.
      When OS_ScreenMode is queried return the 'Auto' type, ie. at an API level there's no distinction.
      Requires HdrSrc-2_67.
      Submission for the EDID bounty.
    Version 5.80. Tagged as 'Kernel-5_80'
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