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    Improve heap manager. Add heap testbed. Add dummy implementation of some... · 4a30b643
    Jeffrey Lee authored
    Improve heap manager. Add heap testbed. Add dummy implementation of some OS_ScreenMode reason codes.
      s/HeapMan, hdr/KernelWS - Heap manager improvements:
        - Errors generated by interrupted heap operations that are forced to complete by a OS_Heap call from the background are now cached in kernel workspace until the foreground task is resumed. This prevents them from being potentially overwritten by MessageTrans running out of background error buffers.
        - Added new OS_Heap reason code, #7 - Get area aligned. This allows areas of memory to be allocated at specific (power-of-2) alignments, and optionally without crossing a given (power-of-2) boundary. Alignment & boundary calculations are performed using logical addresses.
        - Removed the limitation that all free and allocated blocks must be a multiple of 8 bytes in length. This change was required in order to allow OS_Heap 7 to function correctly. Now the only requirements are that blocks must be multiples of 4 bytes in length, at 4 byte alignment, with a minimum length of 8 bytes. 4 extra padding bytes may still be added to the end of allocations in order to avoid creating 4-byte free blocks.
      s/HeapMan, TestSrc/HeapTest/Makefile, TestSrc/HeapTest/c/testbed, TestSrc/HeapTest/s/asm - Added heap testbed program. Can either use the OS_Heap SWI or directly include a copy of the Kernel's heap manager sources.
      s/vdudecl, s/vduswis - Added dummy implementations of OS_ScreenMode 4, 5 and 6. This prevents the Wimp generating lots of "Unknown OS_ScreenMode reason code" errors when redrawing the screen.
      s/Arthur3, s/Oscli - Moved dotstring closer to where it's used to avoid "ADRL out of range" errors in Tungsten build
      Tested in OMAP3 ROM & Tungsten ROM softload.
      Heap testbed successfully performed over 400 million heap ops, so there shouldn't be any serious bugs in the new code (touch wood)
    Version 5.35, Tagged as 'Kernel-5_35-4_79_2_128'
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