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    Improved the error cacheing. · 3976268c
    Stewart Brodie authored
      Removed DriversInKernel conditional.
      If the territory changes or the resource file changes, the kernel
        will now decache all the cached error blocks so that next time
        they are required, they will be looked up again.
      The error cacheing is now a kernel build option and is always set
        to on.
      Removed one of the 5 error messages to be cached - it never seems
        to happen.  The remaining 4 are more frequent.
      Tested in Ursula build.
      Cannot be used with HdrSrc 0.94.  HdrSrc 0.95 and later is required
        (or HdrSrc 0.93 and earlier subject to other kernel requirements)
      Requires MessageTrans 0.42 or later for correct operation when a
        replacement messages file is loaded.
    Version 5.32. Tagged as 'Kernel-5_32'
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