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    Fix Service_Memory when shrinking appspace · 323e88c6
    Jeffrey Lee authored
    Update AreaShrink so that (when shrinking appspace) CheckAppSpace is
    passed the change amount as a negative number, so that Service_Memory is
    issued with the correct sign.
    Fixes issue reported on the forums, where BASIC was getting confused
    because appspace shrinks were being reported as if they were a grow
    It looks like this bug was introduced in Kernel-5_35-4_79_2_284
    (introduction of PMPs), where the logic for appspace shrinks (which must
    be performed via a grow of the free pool or some other DA) were moved
    out of AreaGrow and into AreaShrink (because appspace shrinks are now
    internally treated as "shrink appspace into free pool")
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