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    Permit special field in paths passed to OS_CLI · 2ec9e04e
    Timothy E Baldwin authored
    OS_CLI permits commands to be prefixed with a temporary filing
    system, for example "ADFS:Format"
    It also passes commands unrecognised to FileSwitch to be executed,
    so "ADFS::HardDisc4.$.!Boot" first sets the temporary filing to
    ADFS then executes ":HardDisc4.$.!Boot".
    This does not work if the path contains a special field,
    currently this results in an error as the special filed
    would be lost.
    Unfortunately many programs, including the RISC OS source
    fail because of this.
    Instead if a filing system prefix with special field
    is found switch to the Temporary filing system and
    treat the whole command as a path to execute. For example
    passing "IXFS#W:$.HardDisc4.!Boot" sets the temporary filing
    system to "IXFS" then executes "IXFS#W:$.HardDisc4.!Boot".
    Version 6.30. Tagged as 'Kernel-6_30'
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