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    Fix screen redirection when in teletext modes. Fix *ScreenLoad buffer overflow. · 06079048
    Jeffrey Lee authored
      s/vdu/vdugrafl, s/vdu/vduttx - Adjust initialisation & shutdown of TTX workspace to fix workspace being erroneously freed/reinitialised when redirecting output to a sprite
      s/vdu/vdugrafk - If ScreenLoad needs to load one row at a time (e.g. when graphics window width != sprite width), allocate a block from the RMA instead of assuming that ScrLoaBuffer is large enough
      hdr/KernelWS - Get rid of ScrLoaBuffer, and shrink LargeCommon to a suitable size. Frees about 2K of VDU workspace.
      s/GetAll - Move Hdr:Sprite earlier in list of GETs
      Tested on Raspberry Pi
    Version 5.75. Tagged as 'Kernel-5_75'
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