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Instructions on how to make/modify Arthur.

Directory Asm contains the Exec files.

Asm.A500 assembles the A500 kernel and then does *Asm.BuildA500
Asm.BuildA500 glues modules to the kernel to make an image for 27512's.
Asm.BigA500 glues modules to the kernel to make an image for 1Mbit devices.

Asm.Test assembles the Archimedes kernel, for 300 and 400 series machines.
  NB. This uses Hdr.Archie, not Hdr.Test !!!
Asm.Test2 glues modules to the kernel to make an image for 1Mbit devices.

Asm.MoveFS takes a new copy of FileSwitch (and headers) from the net.
Asm.TransTim takes a new copy of Tim's stuff from the net.

Directory Hdr has the header files for the various assemblies.

Directory Text has various files, only one of which is important:
Text.Changes should be updated whenever changes are made to Arthur.
Text.Still has my list of things still to do.

Quick guide to the source files:

Kernel is the first, and has the SWI dispatcher, plus the initialized variables
to copy into RAM, plus some Brazil swi handlers.

Middle contains the rest of the Brazil swi stuff, plus supervisor routines.

NewReset is the reset code - if you need to change this, you will need to use
the AddTubeBashers flag, which lives in Kernel. The TubeChar macro should then

Super1 is the supervisor loop, plus more Brazil oddsnsods.

ArthurSWIs is ReadUnsigned, vectors, services, ValidateAddress. Note that
the version of ChangeDynamic in here is NOT the one that's assembled.

Arthur2 is variables, GSTRANs

Arthur3 is command code, including Status/Configure.

Other files are hopefully obvious from their names.

Backing Up.

You need to copy the whole tree from $.Kernel to the backup medium.
You also need to take a copy of all the current header files from $.Hdr.
A copy of all the tools in $.Library and $.Utils would also be handy.

                             Have fun!