1. 16 Feb, 2015 1 commit
  2. 07 Feb, 2015 1 commit
    • Jeffrey Lee's avatar
      Add workaround for Cortex-A7 errata 814220 · 2b3d4781
      Jeffrey Lee authored
        hdr/BCM2835 - Errata 814220 states that the Cortex-A7 set/way cache maintenance operations violate the usual operation ordering rules, such that an L2 maintenance operation which is started after an L1 operation may actually complete before it, causing data corruption if the L1 data was to be evicted to the L2 entry. Implement the suggested workaround of performing a DSB when switching cache levels, rather than just at the end of the combined L1+L2 group of operations.
        Also, fix missing 99 label that would have caused a stack imbalance in the unlikely event of encountering a processor with fully coherent caches
        Tested on Raspberry Pi 2
      Version 0.43. Tagged as 'BCM2835-0_43'
  3. 03 Feb, 2015 1 commit
    • Ben Avison's avatar
      Properly supports new board revision scheme for SD source file · 1b785be4
      Ben Avison authored
        Parses the revision ID bitfield for new-style revisions - should provide
        some level of forward compatibility at last. The equivalent code in s.GPIO
        hasn't been tackled yet, mainly because it requires some thought about how
        best to handle the Compute module (given that the daughter card can be
        plugged into any number of devices, each of which will use GPIO differently).
        Tested on Compute module and Pi 2 with latest firmware.
      Version 0.42. Tagged as 'BCM2835-0_42'
  4. 02 Feb, 2015 2 commits
    • Ben Avison's avatar
      Adapt to release version of Raspberry Pi 2 firmware · 0f6c0f83
      Ben Avison authored
        The board revision scheme has changed since pre-release firmware, so the
        previous version of the SD code would have misidentified a Pi 2 (as well
        as the model A+) as a Compute module. It looks like in future, board
        revisions could be a more meaningful bitfield rather than the order-of-
        release index that's been used up to now, but at this point we can still
        manage with a cunning combination of CMP and TEQ tests. Note that the GPIO
        part of the HAL hasn't yet been updated to be aware of the new board
      Version 0.41. Tagged as 'BCM2835-0_41'
    • Ben Avison's avatar
      Add support for Raspberry Pi Compute module and Raspberry Pi 2 · 60752490
      Ben Avison authored
        * Compute module support consists of eMMC support in the SDHCI driver. The
          eMMC chip on the Compute module only works reliably if under-clocked to
          25 MHz.
        * Pi 1 vs Pi 2 differences are selected at runtime by checking the CPU ID,
          so a single ROM image will work with both boards.
        * Added ARMv7 cache maintenance routine for use on Pi 2.
        * The physical address of the peripherals has moved in Pi 2 to make space
          for the 1 GB of RAM.
        * The ARM physical address space is mapped differently onto the GPU
          address space in Pi 2 because the ARM now uses the L2 cache that comes
          with the Cortex-A7 instead of the GPU's L2 cache.
        * Still waiting for confirmation on the board revision ID that will be
          used for Pi 2, so may require further tweaks for production releases.
      Version 0.40. Tagged as 'BCM2835-0_40'
  5. 30 Oct, 2014 1 commit
  6. 25 Oct, 2014 1 commit
  7. 09 Oct, 2014 1 commit
    • Robert Sprowson's avatar
      Add entry to boardtypes for GPIO for Compute module · de83026a
      Robert Sprowson authored
      There doesn't seem to be a pattern emerging for the allocation of board types, so it's likely that this table will need revisiting again in future as moving the catch all "-1" entry along was identifying a Compute module as a B+.
      Submission from TankStage.
      Version 0.37. Tagged as 'BCM2835-0_37'
  8. 17 Sep, 2014 1 commit
    • Robert Sprowson's avatar
      Propagate fix from IOMD-0_31 · 1adadc21
      Robert Sprowson authored
      Got the IIC transfer data offset wrong, harmless in this HAL since the stack already had to have space for 2 complete transfers.
      Not tested.
      Version 0.36. Tagged as 'BCM2835-0_36'
  9. 14 Jul, 2014 1 commit
    • Ben Avison's avatar
      Support the Raspberry Pi model B+ · 4830dcfe
      Ben Avison authored
        The activity GPIO pin has been reassigned and its sense is inverted,
        compared to earlier boards. More importantly, the SD card detect pin has
        been removed entirely, so we need to signal to the SD stack to use its
        new timeout-based state machine (rather than polling for card presence).
        Already in use in RC12a.
      Version 0.35. Tagged as 'BCM2835-0_35'
  10. 25 Jun, 2014 1 commit
  11. 19 Jun, 2014 1 commit
    • Jeffrey Lee's avatar
      Add support code required for DWCDriver 'FIQ fix' · af7cf4e9
      Jeffrey Lee authored
        hdr/BCM2835, hdr/USB, s/USB - Update HAL_USBControllerInfo to return the MPHI address & IRQ number
        s/Interrupts - Add some missing memory barriers. Change FIQ enable/disable calls to not alter IRQ masking of the interrupt - simplifies the code and avoids any ordering issues with code that switches interrupts between IRQ & FIQ
        s/Timers - Add missing memory barrier
        Tested on Raspberry Pi
        Requires Kernel-5_35-4_79_2_227 to build
      Version 0.34. Tagged as 'BCM2835-0_34'
  12. 29 Apr, 2014 1 commit
    • Ben Avison's avatar
      Make HAL report keyboard present during boot · 7380897b
      Ben Avison authored
        Given the complexity of the USB system on the BCM2835, it seems unlikely
        that the HAL keyboard scan will ever be implemented. Not only does this
        mean it doesn't honour any of the CMOS reset or monitor configuration keys,
        but it means the kernel will always attempt to boot the configured
        filing system and drive, irrespective of the *Configure [No]Boot setting,
        after printing "No keyboard present - autobooting". By changing the HAL
        to report a keyboard present but with no keys held down, we at least get
        the [No]Boot option honoured again (even if the Shift key can't be used
        to invert its sense), and have the message suppressed.
        Tested on a Raspberry Pi.
      Version 0.33. Tagged as 'BCM2835-0_33'
  13. 13 Apr, 2014 1 commit
  14. 19 Dec, 2013 1 commit
    • Jeffrey Lee's avatar
      Add RTC HAL device · f38116c4
      Jeffrey Lee authored
        CJE's RTC module uses a DS1307-compatible RTC chip similar to the one used in the Iyonix. Previously the kernel handled talking to it, but now that low-level RTC handling has been moved out of the kernel we need an RTC HAL device in the BCM2835 HAL instead.
        s/RTC - A copy of s.RTC from the Tungsten HAL, relicensed as BSD with permission from Rob Sprowson
        Makefile, hdr/StaticWS, s/Top - Additional changes needed to hook the code into the HAL
        Tested on Raspberry Pi, but without an RTC module fitted
        However the similarity of the clock chip to the one in the Iyonix should mean there's little chance of this code failing to work correctly when an RTC is fitted
      Version 0.31. Tagged as 'BCM2835-0_31'
  15. 15 Dec, 2013 1 commit
    • Jeffrey Lee's avatar
      Remove obsolete stub HAL video API implementation · dd550494
      Jeffrey Lee authored
        s/Top, s/Video - Removed obsolete HAL video API implementation. A stub implementation is no longer required for systems that have a GraphicsV driver in a module, and can even cause problems if the OS decides to use the HAL implementation instead of the module one.
        Tested in BCM2835 ROM
        Requires Kernel-5_35-4_79_2_203
      Version 0.30. Tagged as 'BCM2835-0_30'
  16. 22 Jan, 2013 1 commit
    • Jeffrey Lee's avatar
      Implement HAL_IRQMax · 495018ca
      Jeffrey Lee authored
        hdr/BCM2835 - Add definition for highest IRQ number
        s/Boot, s/Interrupts - Added HAL_IRQMax implementation, to ensure correct functionality with latest Kernel
        Tested on 256MB Pi model B
        Requires Kernel-5_35-4_79_2_182
      Version 0.29. Tagged as 'BCM2835-0_29'
  17. 20 Jan, 2013 1 commit
  18. 18 Sep, 2012 3 commits
    • Robert Sprowson's avatar
      Reserve 5 bytes for timestamping · 79e44eed
      Robert Sprowson authored
      Also, swap magic numbers for defines.
      Version 0.27. Tagged as 'BCM2835-0_27'
    • Jeffrey Lee's avatar
      Fix building with latest kernel · cb672d54
      Jeffrey Lee authored
        s/Top, s/Video - Renamed HAL_Video entries to match naming convention used by latest kernel
        Tested on Raspberry Pi with high processor vectors
      Version 0.26. Tagged as 'BCM2835-0_26'
    • Jeffrey Lee's avatar
      Add a video HAL device to allow BCMVideo to determine which DMA channel it can use for render ops · 47a0e5d7
      Jeffrey Lee authored
        hdr/StaticWS, s/Top, s/Video - Added a simple VDU HAL device that exposes a DMA channel to BCMVideo for use with GraphicsV_Render
        hdr/BCM2835 - Don't allow DMA channel 12 to be used; latest firmware seems to have a bug which claims its free when in reality it isn't.
        s/Messaging, s/DMA - Adjust DMA init to allow the video device to claim a DMA channel before the DMA devices are initialised
        Tested on Raspberry Pi with high processor vectors
      Version 0.25. Tagged as 'BCM2835-0_25'
  19. 10 Sep, 2012 1 commit
    • Jeffrey Lee's avatar
      Use BCS1 instead of BCS0 for IIC when running on rev 2 boards · a1c4df2f
      Jeffrey Lee authored
        hdr/BCM2835, hdr/StaticWS, s/IIC - On rev 2 boards the usage of BSC0 and BSC1 have been swapped, such that BSC1 is now sent to the expansion header instead of BSC0.
        To allow RISC OS to continue to work with clock chips and other hardware fitted to the header, expose BSC1 to RISC OS if on a rev 2 board, or BSC0 if on a rev 1.
        Changes received from Dave Higton
        Tested by Dave on rev 1 & rev 2 boards, with IIC devices
        Tested by me on rev 1 board (with no IIC devices fitted)
      Version 0.24. Tagged as 'BCM2835-0_24'
  20. 08 Sep, 2012 2 commits
    • Jeffrey Lee's avatar
      Implement HAL_PhysInfo. Other misc tweaks. · 5a8b82be
      Jeffrey Lee authored
        s/Top - Added HAL_PhysInfo implementation. Tweaked HAL_Reset to reduce chances of failure.
        s/Stubs - Removed obsolete, unused UART stubs. Use KbdFlag_Done instead of magic number.
        Tested on Raspberry Pi
      Version 0.23. Tagged as 'BCM2835-0_23'
    • Jeffrey Lee's avatar
      Read board model, revision, and available DMA channels from messaging channel.... · 59e36802
      Jeffrey Lee authored
      Read board model, revision, and available DMA channels from messaging channel. Report board revision via GPIO HAL device. Recover lost ROM relocation code.
        hdr/StaticWS, s/Messaging, s/Top - Now reads board model, revision and available DMA channels from messaging channel
        hdr/StaticWS, s/GPIO - Updated GPIO HAL device to report board revision instead of a generic response of 'unknown'
        s/Top - Recovered ROM relocation code that got lost during a merge. End of ROM image no longer being corrupted, and RISC OS now sees correct amount of RAM.
        s/DMA - Ditch old code to read available DMA channels and use value read by HAL_QueryPlatform instead.
        Tested on Raspberry Pi (B rev 1) with various start.elf sizes & versions
        DMA channel reporting only available with latest firmware (i.e. 8th Sep)
        Board revision number read by messaging channel seems to match that returned by /proc/cpuinfo on Linux
      Version 0.22. Tagged as 'BCM2835-0_22'
  21. 02 Sep, 2012 1 commit
    • Jeffrey Lee's avatar
      Strip out video code & on-screen debug · d56f8a14
      Jeffrey Lee authored
        Makefile, s/Display - Deleted on-screen debug code
        hdr/BCM2835, hdr/StaticWS, s/IIC, s/Messaging, s/Stubs, s/Top, s/UART - Strip out calls to on-screen debug code, and a few bits of video code
        s/Video - Video code removed and replaced with stub functions similar to other HALs. Only remaining useful code is HAL_Video_StartupMode, which in time should probably be moved to BCMVideo as well.
        Tested on Raspberry Pi with high processor vectors
      Version 0.21. Tagged as 'BCM2835-0_21'
  22. 28 Aug, 2012 1 commit
    • Ben Avison's avatar
      Addition of I2C support · ade8e2c2
      Ben Avison authored
        Implementation of the high-level HAL IIC interface provided by Dave Higton.
        Checked it builds and runs at ROOL.
      Version 0.20. Tagged as 'BCM2835-0_20'
  23. 24 Aug, 2012 1 commit
  24. 08 Aug, 2012 1 commit
    • Jeffrey Lee's avatar
      Don't claim that we support soft-off · e03f92cf
      Jeffrey Lee authored
        s/Top - Fix HAL_PlatformInfo to not claim that we support soft-off
        Tested in Pi ROM
        Fixes machine restarting after shutdown
      Version 0.18. Tagged as 'BCM2835-0_18'
  25. 02 Aug, 2012 1 commit
    • Jeffrey Lee's avatar
      Add GPIO & VCHIQ HAL devices. Fix FlushDataCache macro to perform a clean &... · 3b36df75
      Jeffrey Lee authored
      Add GPIO & VCHIQ HAL devices. Fix FlushDataCache macro to perform a clean & invalidate instead of just an invalidate.
        s/GPIO - Basic implementation of the GPIO HAL device to allow the GPIO module to detect the board type
        s/VCHIQ, hdr/StaticWS - New VCHIQ HAL device which exposes the functionality required by the work-in-progress VCHIQ driver.
        Makefile, s/Top - Hook up the new files/devices
        hdr/BCM2835 - Make the FlushDataCache macro perform a clean & invalidate, to match the behaviour of FlushDataCacheRange
        Tested on Raspberry Pi with high processor vectors
      Version 0.17. Tagged as 'BCM2835-0_17'
  26. 23 Jul, 2012 1 commit
  27. 22 Jul, 2012 1 commit
  28. 19 Jul, 2012 1 commit
    • John Ballance's avatar
      Various updates to do with the messaging channel, HAL_MachineID, and HAL_Reset · ef241880
      John Ballance authored
      	HAL_Reset now causes a complete reboot of the machiine. It isnt yet properly called from
      	the kernel.. I've not investigated why yet. Behaviour tested using OS_Hardware call
      	HAL_MachineID, with the github start.elf from 18 July 2012 will provide a valid MAC address ..
      	i.e. that specific to this machine. The a1 value in HAL_ExtendedID needs to be set 0 for this to be reported
      	by OS_ReadSysInfo .. unfortunately, again at this stage, it stalls the boot when set 0, so just for now
      	the committed value for a1 in HAL_ExtendedID is not 0 .
      	centralised messaging routine added. This is used a fair bit in acquiring the operating environment
      	Not yet used in the DMA stuff. probably ought to be. At present the messaging channel this mainly
      	handles is not complete, so information from this code is still WIP
        (highlight level of testing that has taken place)
        (bugfix number if appropriate)
      Version 0.14. Tagged as 'BCM2835-0_14'
  29. 16 Jul, 2012 1 commit
    • Jeffrey Lee's avatar
      Improve RAM detection/setup code. Update mailbox code in DMA driver. · d05a29d9
      Jeffrey Lee authored
        s/Top - Improved RAM detection/setup to not assume that the OS image is at &0000 (current start.elf seems to place it at &8000). New code correctly supports compressed ROMs, and has some basic code implemented to read the RAM setup from the mailbox property interface (currently disabled, pending official firmware rollout + final testing)
        s/DMA - Updated mailbox property interface code to adhere to the current spec. Still needs testing with release firmware (the start.elf I'm using seems to report no DMA channels as being available)
        Tested with a release start.elf (July 9th, or thereabouts) as well as a more recent test version containing initial mailbox property interface implementation
        Fixes issue with last 32K of ROM being wiped on startup
      Version 0.13. Tagged as 'BCM2835-0_13'
  30. 15 Jul, 2012 1 commit
    • Ben Avison's avatar
      Support for reading (fake) CMOS · 288a5a15
      Ben Avison authored
        * Moved the NVMemory entries out of s.Stubs into s.CMOS.
        * Removed default list of CMOS contents and replaced with a block of zeros.
          It was never in physical address order and wasn't being used anyway.
          Default CMOS belongs in the kernel in any case.
        * Reports NVMemory type 3 (HAL calls) rather than 0 (no CMOS).
        * No longer reports a Delete power-on (CMOS reset) on every boot.
        Tested on Raspberry Pi
      Version 0.12. Tagged as 'BCM2835-0_12'
  31. 07 Jul, 2012 1 commit
    • Jeffrey Lee's avatar
      Add DMA driver · 985c7199
      Jeffrey Lee authored
        s/DMA, hdr/DMA, Makefile - DMA driver, as an implementation of the DMA controller and list type DMA channel HAL devices
        hdr/StaticWS - Added DMA workspace definition
        hdr/BCM2835 - Removed DMA control block definition (now in hdr/DMA). Add definitions for the mailbox property interface, which should be supported by the GPU firmware sometime soon.
        s/Top - Export a couple of the debug functions. Store logical & physical address of NCNB workspace instead of hackily getting phys addr of the (cacheable) HAL workspace. Call DMA_InitDevices in HAL_InitDevices.
        Tested in BCM2835 ROM
        DMA driver hasn't received large amounts of testing, lacks support for finite-length circular transfers, and currently only has one DMA channel enabled
        More DMA channels should be available once the mailbox property interface is functional and we know which channels the GPU does and doesn't use.
      Version 0.11. Tagged as 'BCM2835-0_11'
  32. 01 Jul, 2012 1 commit
    • Ben Avison's avatar
      Fixes for SD support · 60ebea68
      Ben Avison authored
        * Engage the GPIO controller's pull-up resistors on SDCLK, CMD and DAT0-DAT3.
          In tests, this seems to address the worst of the unreliability we have
          seen previously.
        * Remove the entry to change the bus between push-pull and open-drain modes.
          The BCM2835 simply doesn't seem to be able to do this. Fortunately, all
          the cards I have tested seem to be OK with the GPIO controller's pull-up
          on the CMD line (however strong that is - it's undocumented) engaged at
          all times.
        * Time a dummy command in order to calculate the speed of the input clock
          to the SD controller block (there doesn't appear to be any way to read
          its speed directly!) This is necessary because recent versions of the
          firmware have not only changed the default clock speed, but even made it
          a user-configurable option in config.txt. It's very important that we
          know how fast it is - if we set the dividers so SDCLK is too slow, then
          the workaround for the register write bug won't work, too fast and we
          overclock the cards, potentially damaging them.
        * Re-enable high speed mode. As long as we don't use the High Speed Enable
          bit in Host Control 1 (see change in SDIODriver 0.03) this seems to work
          for me.
        Tested against my collection of test cards on a Raspberry Pi with the
        firmware from the 2012-06-22 commit on github, and with
        init_emmc_clock=100000000 in config.txt (though other values, or the
        absence of that line, or the entire file, should also work). The only
        issues I had appeared to be due to mechanical problems with the SD socket,
        and went away after the card was reseated one or more times.
      Version 0.10. Tagged as 'BCM2835-0_10'
  33. 15 Jun, 2012 1 commit
    • Ben Avison's avatar
      SD support, and miscellaneous other changes · 981cfe6d
      Ben Avison authored
        * Bugfix to HAL_FIQDisableAll - it wasn't clearing the FIQ register (would
          only have caused trouble in practice if the same device was subsequently
          enabled as an IRQ).
        * Added a load of memory barriers to s.Interrupts and s.Timers to conform
          to the requirement stated in 1.3 of the datasheet.
        * Added a HAL device for the Arasan SDHCI controller. Note that this does
          not currently work reliably, and results vary from card to card. High
          speed support is currently disabled until we are able to verify that it
          works reliably.
        * Added a sprinkling of "GET Hdr:ListOpts" because the space reserved for
          the SDHCI HAL device in hdr.StaticWS is determined by including
          Hdr:HALDevice and Hdr:SDHCIDevice, which need it.
        * When support for saving "CMOS" to the SD card is added, the ROM image
          file (kernel.img) is the only one we can count on the bootloader
          installing in memory, so I think we're going to have to work using the
          table in s.CMOS. Broadcom seems to like messing around with the space
          just after the processor vector table, so rather than adding a pointer
          to the table there, I've opted to mark it using a magic word.
        Tested on a Raspberry Pi - as noted above, there are reliability issues.
      Version 0.09. Tagged as 'BCM2835-0_09'
  34. 06 Jun, 2012 1 commit
    • Jeffrey Lee's avatar
      Sanitise HAL_USBControllerInfo · 35ce9ea3
      Jeffrey Lee authored
        s/USB - For valid controllers, HAL_USBControllerInfo now always returns the correct USB struct size and fills in the controller type. The rest of the buffer is filled in only if the supplied size is large enough. This allows for proper probing of controllers without knowing the required buffer sizes beforehand.
        Tested in BCM2835 ROM
      Version 0.08. Tagged as 'BCM2835-0_08'
  35. 03 Jun, 2012 1 commit
    • Jeffrey Lee's avatar
      Add USB support · 37c448aa
      Jeffrey Lee authored
        hdr/USB - New header with definition of usbinfo struct that's used by HAL_USBControllerInfo
        hdr/BCM2835 - Add note clarifying how mailboxes are used
        s/Top - Enable power to USB on startup
        s/USB - Implement HAL_USBControllerInfo to expose Synopsys USB controller details to RISC OS
        Tested in BCM2835 ROM with Apr 19th start.elf
      Version 0.07. Tagged as 'BCM2835-0_07'
  36. 24 May, 2012 1 commit
    • Ben Avison's avatar
      Whitespace changes · 6d2a16e5
      Ben Avison authored
        Substituted remaining hard spaces with normal ones and expanded tabs.
        This now matches the de facto standard for other components, and also looks
        better in the CVS web viewer.
        No code changes
      Version 0.06. Tagged as 'BCM2835-0_06'