Commit 74eff4aa authored by Robert Sprowson's avatar Robert Sprowson Committed by ROOL
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More sensible abstraction

Give the ISPENDRn address directly, since its only the HAL that knows that iDev_GPU is encoded from 64+, rather than having to bake it into DWCDriver.
parent 08076575
......@@ -66,7 +66,8 @@ HAL_USBControllerInfo
CPUDetect a3
; Raspberry Pi 4 / BCM2838 has no MPHI to do FIQ downgrade, but
; does have a GIC which can fulfil the same requirement
LDRHI a4, GICD_Base_Address
LDRHI a4, GICD_Base_Address ; iDev_GPU GIC SPIs ---v v--- offset by GIC SGIs
ADDHI a4, a4, #GICD_ISPENDR + ((iDev_GPU_HostPort + 64 + 32) :SHR: 5) :SHL: 2
ADDLS a4, ip, #MPHI_Base
STR a4, [a2, #HALUSBControllerInfo_HW_MPHI]
MOV a4, #iDev_GPU_HostPort
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